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Healing comes in many shapes and forms. Therapy is a way that a person of any age and background can get the support needed to accomplish goals and satisfy needs. Michelle enjoys working with people of all ages. Prevention is important to Michelle, as well as the healing that can prevent destructive cycles and patterns from continuing.

Education and raising awareness of ways to live more healthy lives are also passions that compelled Michelle to work as a Middle School Counselor at The Athenian School and offer talks to the community. Topics she enjoys talking about are: Positive Parenting, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Raising Confident Daughters, Sexuality, Spirituality and Mental Health, Rape Awareness and Prevention, Developing Effective Personal and Social Skills, Children of Divorced Parents, Living in Community, and Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events.

Children are provided with play and art therapy that allow expression which words are difficult to find. Children are able to master many skills and overcome many obstacles when given a safe environment to explore their inner world. Michelle has a warmth that children find comforting. She has helped children who have been traumatized by abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss of a parent, or who have witnessed a crime. Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, and oppositional-defiant children develop skills for coping and developing while in therapy with Michelle. Working with parents is also a strong component of child therapy in order for a child to reach their maximum potential and get the support that matters most to them. Michelle will provide parents with insights and resources to further assist the child's development.

Adolescents brings many challenges as the bridge from childhood to adulthood is crossed. The need for support and guidance in discovering the path that is right for them can be challenged with the need for independence and separation from family. Extensive experience with teenagers, and her calm yet outgoing personality, allows Michelle to help those who are struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, traumatic events, social skills, trouble in school or with the law, sexual development and identity, sexual assault and rape, and the transitions of becoming an adult.

As an adult, time goes more quickly, and the feeling that life is passing us by can cause us to search for deeper meaning. With friends and family as busy as we are, finding someone to listen and support us in our exploration can be difficult. Meeting the challenges of establishing a career, finding intimacy in relationships, and enjoying ourselves can be difficult when unexpected difficulties come our way. Whether it is depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating-disorders, traumatic events, grief and loss, sexuality, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, there is hope and help to carry you through the more difficult times in life. Michelle will help you identify your goals, be aware of your thoughts and feelings, and find ways of working through the issues that are holding you back from the quality of life you deserve.